Puyang Tennants Chemical Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer, supplier and exporter of c5 hydrocarbon resins, c9 hydrocarbon resin, c5/c9 copolymerized hydrocarbon resin, sodium formate,calcium formate and polyaluminium chloride.Their applications are hot melt road marking paint, adhesive, tyre rubbers, paint,leather,drilling and water-treatment etc.
We have 10 senior engineers,which enhances the research and development ability,improves the product quality and reduces the energay consumption by applying the new technologies and new equipment.
Our products have been exported to Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Sri lanka, Iran and other countries. Tennants Chemical won customers’ high comment with the stable quality, reasonable price and professional service.
Here we would like to work together and grow up together with all friends in home and abroad.
The reasons why thermoplastic road marking paint becomes dark:1.  Heating temperature is too high, the coating is burnt. The normal heating termperature is 180-210℃.2.  The mixing is not well-distr...
There are some customers mentioned the problem of falling off during the construction of thermoplastic road marking pain...
1.Resin’s softening point is lower.   Reason: At present, thermoplastic road marking paint factories pursue better fluid...
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