Solutions about the problem of falling off during the construction of road marking

Issuing time:2020-07-28 17:19
There are some customers mentioned the problem of falling off during the construction of thermoplastic road marking paint. Here I would like to share some solutions as follows:
External factors:
1)Road surface which was constructed is not clean. Dust and sundries attached on road surface is too much, so that the coating can not fully combine with bitumen and cause falling off.
2)Do construction when primer is not dry. The application of primer is improving the adhesion of road marking paint and bitumen road surface.If you do construction when primer and bitumen road surface have not fully dissolved, it will make the primer’s function not be fully released and easy to make road marking paint fall off. Besides that, the less primer also can cause road marking paint fall off.
3)Humid road surface
In many places, sometimes it rained heavily, but next day it is sunny. Road surface seems dry, at the moment, although road surface is dry, moisture is still evaporate under the road surface. If you do construction now, it will cause more bubble, even make road marking paint can not combine with road surface and then fall off.
4)Lower construction temperature. Lower construction temperature will make mixture in coating and resin not play the best roles. Particle substance can not bond fully and not mix on average. After construction, they will bond together and fall off together. Therefore, construction company should strictly control the temperature.
Internal factors:
1)Resin ratio is less, so adhesion is not enough.
2)Bad quality of resin. At present, C5 hydrocarbon resin is the best material in thermoplastic road marking materials. In order to save cost, many producers use rosin or other series of hydrocarbon resin to replace C5 hydrocarbon resin. Molecular formula of these resins are different from that of C5 hydrocarbon resin. Their adhesion function is worse than that of C5 hydrocarbon resin, so it is easy to make thermoplastic road marking paint fall off.
3)Big particle substance is too much in thermoplastic road marking material. It will make road marking paint nonuniform and make heavy substance and light substance separated. Finally cause road marking paint fall off.

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