Coumarone Resin

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w2.jpgTCR100 Coumarone Resin is dark granule or flakethermoplastic resin, produced by ethylene and carbon fraction of C9 fractions,coal tar and ethylene re-tar distillates as raw materials, mainly used inrubber, tyre, ink, paint, adhesive, etc.

Product Specification:



A. Rubberand Tyre

Coumarone Resin has a good miscibility withnatural rubber particles ,and the rubber vulcanization process is not a bigimpact. Coumarone resin can play a tackifying, reinforcing and softening effectin rubber and tyre.

B. Paint

Coumarone Resin can increase paint film adhesion,hardness, acid and alkali resistance.


Package:25kg kraft paper bag


All resins with low softening point present a risk of solidifying or lump. For softening point less or equal to 110℃,we suggest you keep resin in a cool (25℃ max) ventilated place and avoid direct sunshine.

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