Polyaluminium Chloride

Product Details

Product Name: Polyaluminium Chloride       

Appearance: golden, brown or yellow granular   
Thecoagulation is shown as follows:
1. Strong neutralization of colloidal substancesin water.
2. Excellent bridging adsorption effect ofhydrolysis products on suspended matter in water.
3. The selective adsorption of dissolvedsubstances.
1.   Thepurified water is superior to the coagulant of aluminum sulfate, and the cost of water purification is lower than that of 15-30%.
2. Flocculation, fast, fast sedimentation, thanaluminum sulfate and other traditional products processing capacity.
3. Consumption of alkalinity is lower than allkinds of inorganic coagulant, so it can not throw or less alkali agent.
4. The adaptation of water sources, PH5.0-9.0range can agglomerate.
5. Corrosion is small, good operatingconditions.
6. Solubility is better than aluminium sulfate.
7. The adaptability ofwater source temperature is better than that of inorganic coagulant such asaluminum sulfate.
1. Polyaluminium chloride is mainly used for thepurification of drinking water and industrial water supply and industrial wastewater treatment. Which is the most widely used flocculant for industrial watertreatment at present?.
2. Polyaluminium chloride has the advantages ofgood flocculation, such as large amount of flowers, less dosage, highefficiency, quick settlement and wide application range.
3. Polyaluminium chloride can be used at lowtemperature, suitable pH value of 5-9, adding no alkali, flocculation effect isgood, less mud.
4. The polyaluminium chloride product is moreadaptable to water treatment, especially for high turbidity water, and thestable coagulation effect can still be maintained when the water temperature islower.
5. Polyaluminium chloride can be combined withweak cationic polyacrylamide, combined with aluminum sulfate, ferric chloride,used for sludge conditioning.

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